Killers from Space (1954)

Killers from Space (1954) movie poster

director W. Lee Wilder
viewed: 10/06/2015

Maybe the less said the better about Killers from Space, not one of the greater examples of 1950’s science fiction.   It stars a young Peter Graves who would go on to fame on TV’s Mission Impossible.

Directed by W. Lee Wilder (older, much less skilled brother of Billy), Killers really demonstrates the thin line of quality that separates an Ed Wood, Jr. movie from an otherwise terrible movie.  And by that, I mean, it’s not far off.

The film’s best/worst aspect are in its FX and make-up.  The alien invaders have bushy eyebrows and ping pong ball eyes.  Now, I don’t know if they are actually ping pong balls or not but they might as well be.  They scream “BAD MOVIE” so loud it’s almost hard to hear anything else.

It seems that W. Lee Wilder made a few sci-fi/horror films in the 1950’s including Phantom from Space (1953), The Snow Creature (1954), and Fright (1956) which all seem to be available on Amazon Prime, probably because they were Poverty Row pictures that all fell into the public domain, as is also the case of his film noir The Pretender from 1947.  Which also suggests, that with probably diminishing returns, I’ll probably watch them, too.

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