Something Weird (1967)

Something Weird (1967) movie poster

director Herschell Gordon Lewis
viewed: 10/05/2015

That Something Weird Video took its name from a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie title isn’t so surprising.  Lewis’ movies are a core of the franchise’s offerings.  That Something Weird was the title they chose, well, that might make sense, suggestive yet unspecific, broad-minded for the array of classic pulp, exploitation, teaserama, nudie cuties, and miscellany that they publish.  That Something Weird is a likable but less titillating Lewis movie…well, that is just a fact.

It’s got ESP and LSD.  It’s got a serial killer and a wicked witch.  It’s got kung fu and a murderous bed sheet.  But it’s largely bloodless and boobless.

Mudite Arams plays “The Hag” as one of the most campy and over-the-top witches I’ve ever seen onscreen.  Only Deborah Reed in Troll 2 (1990) comes to mind as a point of comparison.

As much as I appreciate H.G. Lewis, the acid trip in Something Weird has to be one of the weakest ever put on film.

All that said, it’s still kind of fun in its way.


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