Pan (2015)

Pan (2015) movie poster

director Joe Wright
viewed: 10/10/2015 at AMC Metreon 16, SF, CA

Pan has been getting panned.  So why would one go and see it?

The kids and I did discuss this prior to heading out to see the new prequel Peter Pan flick from Joe Wright.  We had been kind of keen on it prior to the critical drubbing.  I told the kids that at least one of the reviews said that it was so bad that you had to see it, but that it was indeed getting pervasively dissed.  But I also told them that I didn’t always let that deter me from seeing a movie that I thought looked interesting.  They agreed.  We went and saw it.

The film may bomb, maybe as big a bomb as there has been for 2015.

Well, I’ll tell you: it’s not maybe as godawful as the critics would have you think.  It’s also a convoluted mess with as much confusing nonsense as entertaining visuals.  And yes the Nirvana and Ramones chants.  Moving the story from the early 20th Century to WWII for no explicable reason.  Garrett Hedlund’s very weird enunciations.  The dizzying effects in many parts of the film, ofttimes losing sense of up and down.

On the plus side, Adeel Akhtar as Mr. Smee is very funny.  Rooney Mara.  I can hardly take my eyes off Rooney Mara.

Okay, that’s not the strongest argument FOR Pan.  I’m a big fan of Joe Wright’s Hanna (2011) though I’ve actually yet to see any of his other films.  I guess I was willing to give him a bit more of a shot here.

Pan is assuredly a big sprawling mess.  Criticisms you’re apt to hear are not necessarily inaccurate.  It’s a bomb.  But it’s not terrible.  It’s disappointing, sure.  But it’s entertaining if perplexing and confounding in some of its decisions.

I guess this isn’t really an endorsement, more a mitigation of everything else you’ll hear.

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