V/H/S: Viral (2014)

V/H/S: Viral (2014) movie poster

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viewed: 10/11/2015

The law of diminishing returns has been achieved.  Not that that has stopped a franchise before.

This third installment in the V/H/S (2012) series is a gobbledygook of inanity.  I guess that the original wrap-around story needed a reboot so this one features a segment that is a guy chasing his girlfriend around Los Angeles when she’s been abducted in an ice cream truck while lots of crazy violence happens.  This is directed by Marcel Sarmiento, co-director of Deadgirl (2008). But not only does the wrap-around forgo the series’ “faux found footage” style, it’s first full segment about a magician with an evil cape doesn’t even try to adhere to that trope.  And it’s as bad as anything made for SyFy.

It’s not all bad.  Co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead deliver a painful to watch, sort of xenophobic tale of skateboarders versus the Mexican evil dead.  It’s both obnoxious and yet inventive.

But the one truly redeemable segment of the film Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo, whose 2007 film Timecrimes impressed reasonably back when I saw it.  His short about a guy who opens a portal into a seemingly parallel dimension is both slicker, better-produced, and wild and bizarre, with sci-fi surprises and quite amusing gags.  Vigalondo’s short is worth seeing if you want to skip the rest of the film.

Frankly, that’s good advice.

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