The Forest (1982)

The Forest (1982) movie poster

director Donald M. Jones
viewed: 10/13/2015

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but how much is a song worth?

The Dark Side of the Forest

There’s noting to fear
is there?
People do disappear
but where do they hide?

In the dark side of the forest?

Now don’t you get lost
Keep watch
You have to pay the cost
because many have died
In the dark side o the forest

Do you go and come again 
Back to where you’ve already been?
Is there a fee for what you do?
Who do you give your IOU

In the dark side
In the dark side
In the dark side of the forest.

Lyrics by Stan Fidel
Music by Richard Hieronymus

Coming from the fringes of the slasher film genre, The Forest is a mixture of weird and bad, and your feelings for the film will no doubt be dictated by how much of one or the other you feel more aware while watching.

A camping trip goes awry of a cannibalistic serial killer, holed up in the woods somewhere in the lower Sierra Nevada in California.  His bumpkin-like looks, trucker hat and torn shirt, belie his backstory as a cuckolded father turned murderer and hermit.  He, and the forest in which he dwells, are haunted by the ghosts of his wife and children, adding an odd twist to anything resembling formula.

Neither gruesome or scary, The Forest is probably no one’s favorite slasher.  Still, I give it some credit for its oddity.

The version I watched from Amazon Prime was murky and muddled.  It’s the second film I’ve encountered there that featured VHS-like glitches occasionally, making me think that this version had been scanned at one point from VHS.  Which is telling since other reviews I’ve read of the film often compliment the cinematography at least.  The version from Amazon might make you set up a prescription at the eye doctor.

(Those lyrics are my best approximation — FYI)

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