The Brainiac (1962)

The Brainiac (1962) movie poster

director Chano Urueta
viewed: 10/24/2015

Amazingly weird, cheap, cheesy and wonderful, The Brainiac is a Mexican horror film unique and pulpy.

Abel Salazar stars as a 15th century heathen/hedonist burned at the stake for a plethora of crimes.  He vows revenge on his persecutors, hailing a passing comet and vowing to return in 300 years to wreak his vengeance on their descendants.  You know he makes good on his threat.

He returns as some bizarro monster with sucker-pincer hands, a long nose, wild hair and beard, and a gruesome snake-like tongue which he uses to suck the brains from his victims.  As it turns out, he needs a regular diet of brains to take on his more human form as he insinuates himself into society to track his victims.

The monster feels uniquely Mexican, as if torn from the pages of the period’s pulp comics and magazines, something campy but oddly folkloric.  And while it’s obviously a cheap rubber ensemble, I loved the pulsating brain motion.  It’s hard not to love.

The production values are otherwise quite good.

Totally dug it.

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