Demons (1985)

Demons (1985) movie poster

director Lamberto Bava
viewed: 10/31/2015

From Lamberto Bava, son of the fantastic Mario Bava, and Dario Argento, and more importantly than anything else, Straight Out Of 1985! comes Demons.  I don’t know how I never saw this movie before, it seems so ubiquitous.

It’s both great and terrible at the same time.

Transpiring mostly at a hip Berlin movie theater, Metropol, a meta-demon attack breaks out on cinema-goers as they take in a freak, free showing of a horror film that seems to presage the one in which they find themselves trapped.  I was struck how sort of Evil Dead (1981) these demons seemed to be.  Demon possession makes you look all weird and scary and freaky-looking.

I feel it would be remiss to fail to mention the coke-snorting punks who take cocaine through a straw from a Coca-Cola can.  It’s amusing.

The soundtrack features Billy Idol, Rick Springfield, Go West, Accept, Saxon and Mötley Crüe!  A sort of outsized soundtrack for this strange, legendary Italian import.

There is so much going on here.  I don’t know what else to say.  So I’ll just stop.

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