Psychos in Love (1987)

Psychos in Love (1987) movie poster

director Gorman Bechard
viewed: 11/02/2015

“Dying is easy; comedy is hard.”  Especially in this movie.

Goofy, rock-bottom budget, semi-faux-documentary black comedy about two psychotic killers just made for one another.  The good humor in which it was made was far better than the humor that it employs, so even when the groaner gags and jokes miss (constantly), it’s hard not to like this film.  I mean, it’s awful, but charming.

This is probably best embodied in the film’s theme song, which pretty much speaks for itself.

It’s also kind of amusing to point out that the movie poster/video box art is way more professional than anything else about the film (and also rather detached from depicting anyone in the film.)

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