Keoma (1976)

Keoma (1976) movie poster

director Enzo G. Castellari
viewed: 11/09/2015

I don’t know what I have to add to the general conversation on Enzo G. Castellari’s 1976 Italian Western, Keoma.  It’s considered one of the better “late” Spaghetti Westerns.  It stars Franco Nero, bearded and shaggy (and often shirtless) as the titular Keoma, a “half-breed Indian” who returns to his childhood home after the Civil War, to find it being strangled by a land baron, his own three half-brothers, and a plague of some kind.

He helps to free the oppressed against the bad guys, those brothers who always beat the tar out of him growing up, jealous that he was their father’s favorite.  Keoma’s father and his old friend George (Woody Strode) wind up joining in the fray on his side.

The cinematography is stylish.  The soundtrack is amazingly atrocious.  The two main themes are so bad they actually make your ears whinge.

The overall, I’d say, is pretty good.  I liked it.

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