The Gallows (2015)

The Gallows (2015) movie poster

directors Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing
viewed: 11/11/2015

The “faux found footage” style of horror film is so tired that its been in a coma for some time now.  That hasn’t stopped enterprising filmmakers from employing it.

The Gallows is somewhat better than some others who utilize this approach.  The filmmakers at least stick to a couple of camera-carrying characters and try to adhere to the concept of something that was “caught on tape.”  The story is also somewhat different than others, albeit rather convoluted.

The Gallows begins with a video of a class play called “The Gallows” at a high school in 1993, capturing on tape the accidental hanging of a student when a prop goes awry.  Flash forward 20 years to the same school trying to produce the same play in the same theater.  As unlikely as that seems, you can roll with it.  And of course the haunting specter of the dead thespian will wreak some kind of revenge.

The film’s biggest drawback (aside from the whole “faux found footage” thing) is the character of Ryan (played by Ryan Shoos) who is the primary cameraman and constant commentator, in that he is so deeply unlikable and annoying.  I imagine that this is how his character is meant to be, but he’s such a dick that you can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance and it does take a while before that happens.

The film ends on a strange twist that kind of elevates it a bit.  I understand the The Gallows was made on the cheap and ended up getting picked up for distribution and made a pretty penny return on investment.

Please, though.  Enough with the “faux found footage” already.

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