We Are the Best! (2013)

We Are the Best! (2013) movie poster

director Lukas Moodysson
viewed: 11/20/2015

I haven’t seen all of Lukas Moodysson’s films, in fact, I guess I’ve only seen Show Me Love (1998) and Lilya 4-ever (2002).  But I’ve come to think of him in particular in his interest in teenage girls.  Okay, that sounds bad.  But his work is focused on the world of teenage girls, from self-discovery or even total emotional isolation as in Lilya 4-ever.

We Are the Best! was adapted from a graphic novel by Moodysson’s wife Coco and tells the story of three teenage girls coming of age in Stockholm in 1982, yearning for a punk rock that has seemingly died out too early for its time.  Mira Barkhammar and Mira Grosin play Bobo and Klara, respectively, rebellious, out-spoken, brash, silly, self-conscious yet adventurous best pals, who recruit the alternately Christian outcast Hedvig (Liv LeMoyne) because she’s actually very talented at the guitar.

Like Moodysson’s other films, this is a naturalistic portrayal, one that resonates and moves, in no small part due to the characters and their performances.  It’s sweet-natured and doesn’t once shift into darkened corners, while still giving a sensibility of time and place and personality.

It’s girl power.  A great girl power movie, sweet and fun and punk.

I watched it with Clara, my 11 year old daughter, who enjoyed it very much as well.

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