Contamination (1980)

Contamination (1980) movie poster

director Luigi Cozzi
viewed: 11/23/2015

The first 20 minutes of this lowly budgeted Alien (1979) knock-off are moderately promising.  A large ship heads into New York, appearing suddenly abandoned.  But when investigated with local cops and public health workers, several gruesomely destroyed bodies are found and these boxes of what is supposed to be coffee are filled with weird egg-like things.  And when the egg-like things get hot — watch out!  They explode acidic goo that in turns makes humans explode from the inside out!

And the final 20 minutes.  The final 20 minutes are pretty good too.

But by the time you’ve gotten to the final 20 minutes, you’ve also endured the interval of 50 minutes where the story is expanded and expounded, revealing that these eggs came back from Mars and are part of an insidious plot to overtake the world, led by a bizarre cyclopian octopus from outer space, by way of a trip to the South American coffee plant and some very dull spy adventure stuff.

Okay, the final 20 minutes are more good in a comic and ironic way.  The monster is a somewhat animatronic thing straight out of a 1950’s Roger Corman flick.  The resultant whole of the film sags somewhere below mediocrity, though is indeed infused with some charms.  One of which, some might cite the Goblin score.

This was Luigi Cozzi’s follow up to his notorious Star Wars (1977) knock-off Starcrash (1979).  I still gotta get around to seeing that!

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