Fantastic Planet (1973)

Fantastic Planet (1973) movie poster

director René Laloux
viewed: 12/04/2015

A few years back, I watched Fantastic Planet and totally loved it.  Since that time, I actually tried to watch it with my kids, but have run into a consistent and confounding conundrum: when the DVD would arrive from Netflix, I couldn’t get it to play on my DVD player.  Foiled multiple times, I gave up.

Yeah, I still have DVD player.  I have an old TV, that doesn’t do HD.

Well, for the month of December, my daughter decided that our month-long genre would be animation.  Queuing what I had on hand, I decided to give Fantastic Planet another try.  I put it in the player and it came up on the main home screen and would allow me to navigate around.  I thought we’d be good.  But no.  It failed to play again.

So, I gave it a go on my laptop, which was not something I was too keen on.  I like to see films on as big a screen as possible, not at all diminished.  But you know, we went ahead and watched it since it played on my computer.  (I know that this is the boring stuff that doesn’t belong in a “movie review”.  Whatevs.)

I don’t know that I have anything to add to my last writing about the film.  Felix fell asleep.  Clara enjoyed the film, I think.  I think it is brilliant.

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