Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

Revolt of the Zombies (1936) movie poster

director Victor Halperin
viewed: 12/27/2015

Sequel to his much better-known White Zombie (1932), Victor Halperin’s 1936 horror film transplants the action from Haiti to Cambodia(!) where another ancient form of drugs and mind control empowers the evil-leaning to the possibility of commanding an army of deathless beings!  Halperin might not have been much of a visionary, but he certainly crafted here an idea that might inspire the Nazis in later years (or Nazi conspiracy theorists in much later years).

Though I kinda love the movie poster, it’s really a giant step down from the original, losing just about any element of quality that the 1932 film had.  The Angkor Wat background setting is pretty interesting (can you think of any other zombie films set in 1930’s Cambodia?), it’s also typically uninformed and rear-projected.

But if White Zombie is the first all-time zombie movie, Revolt of the Zombies, no matter how insignificant and uninspired, no matter how little zombie it really contains, is indeed the 2nd all-time zombie film.  So, for the Halperin boys, they got there first and second!

Victor and Edgar Halperin seem kind of interesting.  From White ZombieSupernatural (1933), Revolt of the Zombies, to Torture Ship (1939), they made a few horror and other genre flicks on Poverty Row before quitting the game in the 1940’s.

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