Tangerine (2015)

Tangerine (2015)

director Sean S. Baker
viewed: 01/04/2015

Have you heard about Tangerine, the little movie “shot on an iPhone” about trans prostitutes on the streets of Los Angeles?  The “shot on an iPhone” bit grabs the most attention.

In some ways, the iPhone 5s angle is significant.  Quality film production tools are now cheaper and readily accessible than ever before and in a lot of ways there probably couldn’t be a better time for a young or aspiring film-maker.  Sean S. Baker and Radium Cheung get more out of their pocket technology than most others could perhaps.  In fact, many are calling for the film’s cinematography to win awards.

In other ways, the means of production are less important to the film.  Tangerine would be interesting and worthwhile if it had been shot with more conventional cameras.  It’s a great little movie, driven in large part by its terrific cast, particularly Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, and Karren Karagulian.  It’s deft portrait of life on the streets of LA is full of energy, humor, vibrancy, and great humanity.

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