The Trollenberg Terror (1958)

The Trollenberg Terror (1958) movie poster

director Quentin Lawrence
viewed: 01/16/2016

I love me some 1950’s sci-fi.  And with weird alien monsters?  I’m in like Flynn.

Though I’ve no idea how The Trollenberg Terror (a.k.a. The Crawling Eye) eluded me all my life, I’m glad that we’ve finally met.

Produced in the UK apparently from a television show of the same name and concept, it’s a rather bizarre bit of fantasy science, with a highly-perched observatory in the Swiss Alps (oddly with one sealable window) where by random chance a radioactive cloud takes up shop on a nearby peak.  A confluence of characters including an English reporter, a team of psychic performers, and a “UN troubleshooter” show up to see just what’s decapitating hikers of late.

Of course!  It’s giant tentacled eye monsters from outer space who can only live at higher elevations (they had been spotted before South America).  These eye monsters look not a whole lot like their American poster representations and are ultimately upended by the plucky earthlings and molotov cocktails.

So, it’s not by any means the best 1950’s science fiction, but it’s quite entertaining, and surprisingly well-produced.  I tracked down the version I found online and so the print quality/stream quality was a bit deficient.  I’ve been experimenting with alternative online content sources.  Not sure yet how this goes.

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