When Animals Dream (2014)

When Animals Dream (2014) movie poster

director Jonas Alexander Arnby
viewed: 01/21/2016

Coming of age per coming of werewolfishness is the gist of this concise (84 minutes) Danish flick.  What it’s got going for it is nice cinematography, the striking and compelling Sonia Suhl in the lead, and its very concision.   Unfortunately, the concision at times also pulls away from the film, with certain scenes going down so rapidly that you don’t always have time to fully absorb everything.

Marie (Suhl) is nearing adulthood and is finding weird things about herself, like patches of hair.  Is she somewhat like her sort of catatonic mother who must be shaved by her father?  Why does the small fishing village tolerate the existence of these potentially dangerous ladies?  Are they the only ones?  Will you get these answers?  Will you ask these questions?

That, and you’ll get a sense of hazing rituals at Danish fish processing plants.

For its strengths and shortcomings, I found the film kind of a wash.

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