Diary of a Nudist (1961)

Diary of a Nudist (1961) movie poster

director Doris Wishman
viewed: 01/25/2016

The skimpiest plot for a Doris Wishman nudist film.

A local newspaperman sends his not-so-thrilled Nellie Bly to a nudist camp to develop a real, *ahem* exposé, only to find that she comes to really appreciate the life of a “sun lover”: “After one week of nudism, I, Stacy Taylor, girl reporter am now Stacy Taylor, girl sold on nudism.”

Another staff member questions his ethics and gives us a pithy: “This isn’t sensationalism!  It’s exploitation!”  This sends the newspaperman to go and investigate the issues first-hand himself.  What he finds…will not shock you.

Like other Doris Wishman pictures of this period, Diary of a Nudist features a fun, jazzy theme song penned by Judy J. Kushner, Wishman’s niece.  “Sun Lovers Blues” is sung by Rosemary June and is actually the film’s most charming component.

Considering there are no bank robbers (Hideout in the Sun (1960)) nor lunar exploration (Nude on the Moon (1961)), all you’ve really got here is the not so hard hitting look at the healthy choices and positive lifestyle of nudists (mostly actors and models and dancers brought in to improve the overall “shape” of the nudist colony.)

Skimpy, I say.  Skimpy.  Still an interesting cultural artifact.

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