Dr. Sex (1964)

Dr. Sex (1964) movie poster

director Ted V. Mikels
viewed: 01/27/2016

This “nudie cutie” comes from schlockmeister Ted V. Mikels, a sex comedy in where three psychologists meet to discuss their most bizarre cases.  The gags are the types ripped from the lesser brethren of Playboy of the time, certainly not urbane but also not really all that sleazy.  Mostly each story is a set up to gaze at comely young females in the almost altogether (T & A, but no V, as someone has suggested.)

The print available at Fandor is pretty rough, blotchy and choppy at times, but watchable.

As for the stories themselves, I’ll have to admit I even laughed at one of them.  I won’t ruin it for you in case you feel so inclined.

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