The Devil’s Hand (1962)

The Devil's Hand (1962) movie poster

director William J. Hole Jr.
viewed: 02/03/2016

A remarkably unremarkable horror film, what it lacks in style, it doesn’t really make up for anywhere else.

Robert Alda (Alan’s dad) stars as Rick, a not overly caring beau of Donna (Ariadna Welter); he shows up 20 minutes late for a date in the first scene.  Turns out he’s having weird dreams of another woman, which leads him to a very unusual doll shop in which there are dolls made to look like Donna and his mystery woman.  And further, this mystery woman, Bianca (Linda Christian) turns out to be a witch in a devil cult and she’s been using her devil-given powers to seduce him away.

Frankly, my favorite part of the movie was seeing Neil Hamilton (TV Batman’s very own Commissioner Gordon) as high priest of a devil cult.  He’s not terribly sinister but has a great voice, sounding era-appropriate male authority.

The cult itself is oddly diverse, at least with a token Asian couple and black couple.  They all sit and shift their weight to the sound of a tribal drummer.  Wherever the devil Gamba comes from, it’s not entirely clear.

Directed by William J. Hole, Jr., the film has a sort of bland TV style to it, which may be due in part to the fact that that is what Hole shot mostly.

Interesting tidbit I stumbled on: Linda Christian and Ariadna Welter were sisters in real life.  Not something you would guess at.

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