The Acid Eaters (1968)

The Acid Eaters (1968) movie poster

director Byron Mabe
viewed: 03/02/2016

It’s been told that Roger Corman dropped acid before embarking on his 1967 flick, The Trip, to enlighten or inform him on his drug movie.  It might be safe to speculate that neither Byron Mabe nor David F. Friedman or anyone who had anything at all to do with the 1968 picture, The Acid Eaters knew anything about LSD except possibly how to spell it.

It’s amateur hour comedy, shot in the California hills, as a group of very square dudes on motocycles head out with some slightly more groovy chicks to lust and joke around in the bramble and lakeside, before finding a pyramid made of giant acid sugar cubes and falling into a very cheaply colored hell.  Now, I haven’t seen The Trip, but I’m willing to guess that this is one of the least trippy “trip” movies ever made.

Pardon me for this somewhat sexist sounding observation, but the film’s chief merit is that at least all the women have pretty nice knockers as some way of diverting one’s attention for part of the film’s 61 minutes.

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