Last Stop on the Night Train (1975)

Last Stop on the Night Train (1975) movie poster

director Aldo Lado
viewed: 03/14/2016

What’s Italian for “The Last House on the Left“?

L’ultimo treno della notte (also known as Night Train Murders, The New House on The Left, Second House on The Left, Don’t Ride on Late Night Trains, Last Stop on the Night Train, Late Night Trains,  and Xmas Massacre) is an Italian revenge thriller a la that Wes Craven exploitation flick, adapted as it was itself from the remarkable Ingmar Bergman film The Virgin Spring (1960).

“Six Degrees of Separation” or “Six Degrees of Adaptation” or “Six Degrees of Rip-Off”.

Last Stop on the Night Train is a thriller of threat and exploitation more than a lurid artifact in and of itself.  Well-crafted in ways, but not overly thrilling overall, it’s neither as shocking and raw as its inspiration nor as somber and evocative as the Bergman film.

Why did I have it in my queue?  I suppose because it hit this British list of “Video Nasties”, a list films banned in Britain not so much for their content as for their reputation, and video covers.  Further evidence of the arbitrary nature of that list (and perhaps of all lists for that matter.)

I think I’ve played out my drive through the “video nasty” list for the sake of the “video nasty” list.


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