The Wild Women of Wongo (1958)

The Wild Women of Wongo (1958) movie poster

director James L. Wolcott
viewed: 03/29/2016

As the movie poster for The Wild Women of Wongo states: “Even us birds and bees are confused”.

Truly, truly, truly one of the all-time nominees for “worst movie ever made”.  And as is often the case with such a thing, it’s a fascinating artifact of high-level bizarre.  Bizarre as to who in the hell made this thing?  Because unlike Ed Wood, Jr. or even W. Lee Wilder, none of these names drum up much of anything on

Narrated by Mother Nature, it’s a tale of an alternate reality where one tribe of humans has beautiful women and ugly men (Wongo) and another (Goona) has ugly women and handsome men.  A cast of dozens don faux caveperson primitive clothing on the Florida beaches (and Silver Springs and Coral Castles) in this intended to be amusing tale of the battle of the sexes and lust and love and crocodile gods.

For my money, the best scene involved a woman wrestling a crocodile/alligator (either dead or rubber, I couldn’t really tell).

The hilariously bad dialog is delivered with the wooden precision of a mannequin stuffed with extra sawdust.

Really, truly a bad film for the ages.

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