Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) movie poster

director Christopher B. Landon
viewed: 04/22/2016

An almost completely terrible horror-comedy from director/co-writer Christopher B. Landon.  It looks like something that might have been adapted from a comic book or something but oddly enough, this is an original screenplay/idea.

In its favor are a couple of practical effects that wind up to be rather amusing, in particular the zombie cats and their paws beneath the door.  A strip club called “Lawrence of A-Labia” and…well, maybe that’s it.

What’s most perplexing here is how little “scouting” plays into the survival of these teenagers in their own zombie apocalypse.  Three teen scouts do indeed find themselves in a zombie world, one in which zombies change quickly and run fast otherwise somewhat generic.  Their friendship and survival skills empower them to befriend a stripper, oh sorry, “cocktail waitress” with a heart of gold and a real hand with a shotgun.  But really, the whole scouting thing gets such short shrift as skills (outside of escaping a jail cell via tied together condoms — which patch was that?)

Beyond all that I was thinking to myself how little this film felt beholden to creating anything like “reality”.  The characters, tropes, and scenarios are cliché, could have been recut from any number of bad television shows, but don’t reflect any naturalistic reality to which one could relate.  I kind of doubt it’s worth the effort to try to explain that better or to think about this movie any more than has been necessary.

My kids thought it sucked too.

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