Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: Civil War (2016) movie poster

directors Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
viewed: 05/07/2016 at CineArts @ the Empire Theater, SF, CA

My 14 year old son is boycotting all superhero movies at present, but my 12 year old daughter is over the moon about them, in particular those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Myself, I’m somewhere between those polar opposites.  But as a good dad, of course I took my daughter to see Marvel’s latest.

Ostensibly a Captain America movie, this one has even more characters in it than the last Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).  They couldn’t even find space for Spider-Man and Ant-Man on the poster.  There’s only so much room in a $250 million/147 minute flick.

Anthony & Joe Russo return as directors, following Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) in the ongoing saga of…Jeez, I can hardly even remember what that one was about.  The upshot in this one is that after all the destruction brought about in defending the Earth against the likes of Loki and Ultron, people of many nations want to see superheroes managed by the United Nations, rather than acting as free agents.  Willingness to comply with this ultimatum breaks up the good guys into an us vs. them “civil war”.  Add to that mix that old Bucky, the Winter Soldier, is framed for a crime against the U.N. and everybody finds themselves either on Team Stark (pro-registration) or Team Cap (pro-independence).

I’m not exactly sure what the messaging is meant to be here.  Do we want privatized superheroing or do we want the government to control the resources?  Which is right?  Well, it seems that for the time being, the government is looking all corruptible and so therefore we have to trust the incorruptibility of our heroes.  I’m not sure what that suggests?  Smaller government?  Is this a conservative vehicle?

The film’s biggest coup is snagging Spider-Man 3.0 star Tom Holland, currently still a teenager playing a Spider-Man whose voice hasn’t completely broken.  Promising though it is for the next installment of that franchise, his screen time is probably more promise than delivery.

Overall, I found it an entertaining enough movie.  It could hardly be more jam-packed.

My daughter really liked it.  She and her pals are totally into this stuff right now, and though I don’t dig it on that level, I do appreciate being that age and being into something nerdy in a big way.

The Marvel machine rolls on.  Where it stops…?

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