The Crawling Hand (1963)

The Crawling Hand (1963) movie poster

director Herbert L. Strock
viewed: 05/09/2016

Sometimes it’s the strangest things about a movie that grab you.  And in this case, I’m not talking about “The Crawling Hand” itself.  Actually, my favorite bit were a couple of bait-and-switch sight gags, where you think it’s “the crawling hand” but it’s not, it’s somebody else’s hand!  I laughed out loud.  Something I really never do.

The Crawling Hand is a cheapy sci-fi/horror film from Herbert L. Strock who also made Gog (1954), a movie I can’t believe that I’ve made reference to twice now within a month.  That it’s gotten the MST3K treatment probably tells you all you need to know about its qualities and shortcomings.

How do we end up with a hand crawling about?  Well, it all starts with a man in space who runs out of oxygen but then suddenly comes back to life and tries to reenter Earth’s atmosphere, only to be blown up.  But he hadn’t been actually alive.  He was a reanimated corpse, taken over by microscopic(?) alien life.  And somehow, his hand (with forearm) lands on a beach, gets discovered by some youngsters, and then goes on to wreak havoc.

It’s kind of a B-picture but deeper down in the alphabet.

And yet, me being me, I liked it.

The first time that the hand seems to be crawling up to take its first victim, and then it turns out to be her own hand…I don’t know.  I thought it was hilarious.

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