Switchblade Sisters (1975)

Switchblade Sisters (1975) movie poster

director Jack Hill
viewed: 05/30/2016

Though it depicts an uprising of a female gang against a male gang (and the cops), it’s hard to say how proto-feminist Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters really is.  You might wonder if an exploitation film can really have a proto- or full-on feminist reading, when the whole shebang rides on sexualizing and otherwise teasing up the material.  Frankly, most aren’t feminist in the least, but arguably some are.  Switchblade Sisters has modicums of empowerment but overall it’s a fantasy of sorts, playful, occasionally fun, but not terribly compelling.

No matter what Quentin Tarantino thinks of it.

I dig Jack Hill.  Maybe Spider Baby (1964) more than any other.  I think I like but don’t love Switchblade Sisters.  I like Robbie Lee as Lace, Joanne Nail as Maggie, and Monica Gayle who plays Patch.  It’s got some uncomfortable misogynies that it doesn’t entirely redeem, and it’s relationship to reality vis-a-vis high school (none of the principles look remotely teen except maybe Robbie Lee) gives it any level of realism.

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