Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)

Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) movie poster

director Arthur Hilton
viewed: 06/06/2016

Cat-Women of the Moon.  Great title.  That’s about it.

At only 64 minutes, this independent production from Z M Productions and distributed Astor Pictures feels a bit like a failed serial.  It’s cheap, lame, and kind of dull.

Unbelievably, it was originally shot in 3-D.  Knowing that in retrospect makes the nearly hilarious dodging of a meteor make any kind of sense.

The lunar spiders at least were amusing.  They were re-employed by Astor in what’s referred to as a re-make of this movie, five years later in Missile to the Moon (1958).  And we feel bad about Hollywood’s current dearth of creativity.

Elmer Bernstein, who would go on to big things, provided the musical score.  Before that shocks you, it’s good to remember that he also scored the trash classic Robot Monster (1953).  That should give all sloggers hope that no matter how bad the project they’re working on might be, others paid their dues on garbage before making the big leagues, too.

Last note: “and featuring the HOLLYWOOD COVER GIRLS as the CAT-WOMEN“…at least 1/2 a star just for that tidbit.

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