The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965)

The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965) movie poster

director Jon Hall
viewed: 06/22/2016

My wheelhouse is probably a lot different from most people’s wheelhouse because the 1965 The Beach Girls and the Monster is squarely in mine.  Somehow I’d lived most of my life before seeing the wonderful The Horror of Party Beach (1964) which amused and entertained me way more than I could have conceived.  But lo and behold, there is yet another cheap-o Gill-Man knock-off-cum-beach-party movie!  And it’s got a pretty killer surf rock soundtrack.

Sadly, The Beach Girls and the Monster is no The Horror of Party Beach, though the monster is charmingly silly.  Spoiler alert: the monster isn’t even a monster, it’s a guy in a suit (and that is part of the story).  When your monster isn’t a monster, you lose some serious cred in my book (or wheelhouse).

Interestingly, this film was made for AIP-TV like the Larry Buchanan knock-offs, which kind of explains its cheapness, brevity, and lack of originality.

But dammit, I love those beach monster movies.


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