Terminator Genisys (2015)

Terminator Genisys (2015) movie poster

director Alan Taylor
viewed: 07/04/2016

Sarah Connor: Yeah, we can’t be wearing anything.
Kyle Reese: Yeah, I know how time travel works.

I was all prepared to hate Terminator Genisys, prepared enough to avoid it in the cinema, and have it in my Netflix queue until who knows when.  Until it suddenly showed up on Amazon Prime, and then I was all “what the hell”.  Still prepared to hate it.

Oddly enough though, I found myself liking it.  Emilia Clarke standing in for Linda Hamilton, they certainly could have done worse.  I could take or leave Jai Courtney.

But I was quite curious about how they were to account for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s aging, but they did that rather simply.  And actually, what I liked most about the film was the crazy zig-zag way they modified timelines via time travel to arrive in both 1984 at the scene of the original Terminator syncing up to some degree the aesthetics of the set design of the original film (not just the super-imposition of young Arnold’s face and other weirdnesses from digital revitalization.)

Really, all the way through to zapping themselves into 2017, I was a lot more on board than I anticipated.  But in the yet still future, the story is less interesting, plot twists and action sequences more tired and the remnant of the film dragged it down quite a bit so that this write-up is not intended as an endorsement.

One thing that really amused me:  Since “Pops” (the old Terminator) had to sit idly by from 1984 LA to 2017 San Francisco, while Clarke and Courtney zap themselves into the future, it means that Schwarzenegger’s “Pops” would have lived in California for the full duration of Schwarzenegger’s Gubernatorial stint.  He probably voted for himself.  Twice.

Oh, and J.K. Simmons is painfully underused.

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