The Apple (1980)

The Apple (1980) movie poster

director  Menahem Golan
viewed: 07/05/2016

The Apple is bananas.

It’s one of those you’ve either seen it or you haven’t kind of movies, and for the most part, I’d say that if you haven’t then you should because…well, it’s bananas.

Directed by Menahem Golan, The Apple is a science fiction musical set in the future of 1994, where music is managed by corporate figures who are literal devils in disguise.  It’s a musical parable with an amazing amount of conviction and a near lethal amount of tackiness and cheese.  Watching it is like mainlining camp.

I’d like to imagine an alternative universe where The Apple is not just a cult classic hit like Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) but more like a total mainstream classic like The Sound of Music (1965).  That would be an alternative reality with some major weird and lots of fun.

Can’t even begin to imagine how much cocaine was on set.

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