Body Melt (1993)

Body Melt (1993) movie poster

director Philip Brophy
viewed: 07/09/2016

Body Melt dissolves, explodes, and eviscerates characters with wanton glee.  The horror/comedy skips along like the early Peter Jackson films that supposedly inspired writer/director Philip Brophy.  It’s a satire about health supplements gone awry, and I’m far from the first to be brought to mind of Street Trash (1987) in watching it.

It’s choppy and uneven, even inconsistent at times.  It kicks off with a bang.  The title sequence is awesome, followed by hyperactive cutting and humor at a breakneck pace.  In a tiny cul-de-sac in a pre-fab Australian suburbia, the people go merrily about their lives without realizing they are the test subjects of a vitamin corporation, so intent on physical development and profits that multiple super-weird splatters of test subjects fail to stop their greed and mania.

Meanwhile, out in the boonies, a family of mutant Outback hillbillies waylays a couple of the test subjects while killing a kangaroo for its adrenal glands, which are popped like pills.  Somehow this all ties together in the end with some history between the corporation’s doctor and the Outback patriarch.

But really, it’s all about the practical effects.  And while some are more polished than others, the cheerful execution of outrageous gags is the film’s true selling point.  It’s silly and gruesome and a lot of fun.

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