We Are Still Here (2015)

We Are Still Here (2015) movie postet

director  Ted Geoghegan
viewed: 07/10/2016

While a lot of people noticed all the homages and references in Ted Geoghegan’s horror film We Are Still Here, I was a little more keened in on the cast.  Noted “scream queen” Barbara Crampton heads a solid cast including Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden, and Lisa Marie in this haunted home story set in rural New York state.

It’s set in the 1970’s, I guess for style (and maybe a lack of technology), and it follows a couple, Crampton and Sensenig, who abandon the city after the death of their only son.  My favorite characters were Fessenden and Marie, their spiritualist hippie friends who come to help them through their grief and potentially reach out to the world beyond.

At 84 minutes, it’s almost deft, but Geoghegan who also wrote the script, seems to want to pack a lot into the story.  There are plot twists and histories spelled out that complicate what might have been more effective if kept a bit more in the moment.  I try not to surmise what could “fix” a film generally, but for every little element that worked, there were others that fell a bit flat.  So, in the end, I found it a mixed bag.

I would have liked to have seen more of Fessenden and Marie’s characters, almost an alternate universe Ed and Lorraine Warren a la The Conjuring (2013).

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