Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984)

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984) DVD/VHS cover

director David Markey
viewed: 07/18/2016

Taking DIY  from punk rock to celluloid was a bit more obscure an effort in 1984.  David Markey’s Desperate Teenage Lovedolls was virtually guaranteed cult status.  The film’s connections in the LA punk scene center around Steve and Jeff McDonald of Redd Kross, who star alongside Jennifer Schwartz, Hilary Rubens, Janet Housden, and Kim Pilkington is gloriously shabby 8mm.

It’s less punk than really gutter rock’n’roll, the lifestyles of tough street kids throwing together a band and riding LA’s tawdry tickets to fame with bouts of sexual exploitation, drugs, beer, and music.

Schwartz co-wrote the film with director David Markey and its notoriety inspired a sequel two years later, Lovedolls Supserstar which allowed for some moderate upgrades in musics, production values, and other elements.

But what gives Desperate Teenage Lovedolls its value is its pure DIY nature and attitude.

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