Finding Dory (2016)

Finding Dory (2016) movie poster

director Andrew Stanton
viewed: 07/24/2016 at the Alamo Draft House – New Mission, SF, CA

Pixar’s Finding Dory got pretty good reviews, but I wasn’t terribly bothered about seeing it, big screen or small.  My 12 year old daughter, though, given her druthers for a movie outing, opted for it.  And truly, as my kids break on through into their teens, I realize that my need to see the latest animated fare is on the verge of falling away.  So, I willingly embrace it.

I’ve commented before on Pixar’s once magical touch and how it’s been whittled down to a mere mortal hand.  The fallibility is less human and more corporate, of course.  Movies that didn’t need sequels now get sequels, this one 13 years out from Finding Nemo of 2003.

Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks are back as Dory and Marlin, and Andrew Stanton is also back with another story of fish seeking family across the ocean.  This time, it’s Dory, she of the bad memory, looking for her family who turns out to live around Morro Bay, CA.

I guess they were running low on new fish.  This time we’ve got a beluga whale, a whale shark, and most notably a 7 legged octopus (Ed O’Neill).

You’d have to be a real grump not to enjoy it pretty well.  But it’s far from innovative, fresh, original, or overly compelling.  Often, even in a weak Pixar film, the innovations of their animation technology are stunningly on display, but nothing really stood out for me in that regard here.  I might even consider it moderately forgettable.

But my daughter enjoyed it.  And I’m glad we went.

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