Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Star Trek Beyond (2016) movie poster

director Justin Lin
viewed: 07/30/2016 at the Balboa Theater, SF, CA

I had no real intention of watching the latest Star Trek movie.  But then they’ve been demolishing the apartment above mine Saturday after Saturday and I just needed to get out of the house.  I myself trekked across town to the Balboa Theater to support one of the last small neighborhood cinemas left in San Francisco.

Overall, I enjoyed the two previous Star Treks, the J.J. Abrams ones, before The Force Awoke.  I enjoyed them, but I guess I didn’t really love them.  At best, they brought in a new cast to play versions of the original Star Trek cast, and did a pretty bang-up job of it.  That I can barely remember the storylines of the two films, perhaps that says a little about the films themselves.

With Abrams out, Justin Lin steps in as director and interestingly Simon Pegg and Doug Jung step into the writing shoes.  And, you know what, it’s pretty fun.

I don’t know what else to tell you about it.  Lin’s action has a tendency to get confusing, but on the whole it moves along at a good clip.  The cast is the real strength.  My favorite among them is Karl Urban as Bones.  It’s another sad reminder of the loss of Anton Yelchin earlier this year.

Still, it very much met my needs this day of escapism and diversion.  What more can one ask?

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