The Gorgon (1964)

The Gorgon (1964) movie poster

director Terrence Fisher
viewed: 08/07/2016

I had meant to watch The Gorgon as a Hammer double feature with The Reptile (1966), but given the vicissitudes of life Netflix, it didn’t work out that way.  I will tell you, though, that it’s a decent idea for a double feature.

“She had a face only a Mummy could love!”  Why, that’s just swell.

Having been indulging in Hammer fare of late, I recognized the re-used matte paintings that I was so impressed by from The Evil of Frankenstein (also 1964).  I love a good matte painting in traditional FX, and there are a couple of doozies here.

I have yet to watch a truly bad Hammer film since I picked up this thread a few weeks ago.  Not to say that I haven’t seen some lulus before.

The Gorgon has some mediocre qualities but it does have both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, the latter in odd make-up and a slightly goofy role.  Frankly, it’s kind of hard to go wrong with Hammer.

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