Blood Thirst (1971)

Blood Thirst (1971) screen grab

director  Newt Arnold
viewed: 08/10/2016

I’m pretty late to the game in regard to Filipino horror films.  Late but loving it.

Blood Thirst was more an American production shot in the Philippines in the 1960’s, so maybe not pure Filipino, but it bears a lot of the charms of the other films of the period that I’ve seen.

Manila cop Inspector Miguel Ramos (Vic Diaz) calls in old pal American cop Adam Rourke (Robert Winston) to go “undercover” to at a local nightclub from which the girls keep disappearing and winding up drained of blood.

Newt Arnold’s strange semi-vampire flick features some excellent and extremely noirish black-and-white cinematography by Hermo Santos.  The slick production values show polish, but the setting in Manila and featuring key Filipino cast and character actors really flavor the film as well.  By the time you get to the misshapen blood-sucker, a camp figure straight out of pulp magazines, you know you have a winner all around.

Blood Thirst was the B-side of the Incense for the Damned (1970) Something Weird DVD, and the more outright enjoyable of the two.  Strange bedfellows they are, Blood Thirst originally shot in the mid-1960’s only released later in 1971, they wind up being a pretty sweet pairing of vampire-themed weirdness and obscurity.

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