I Saw the Light (2015)

I Saw the Light (2015) movie poster

director  Marc Abraham
viewed: 08/17/2016

Biopics are not my favorite genre.  Maybe I should forgo them all.  But then one will come along on a subject of personal interest, maybe with an actor I like, and I check in.

And regret.

I Saw the Light is a biopic of Hank Williams, country music singer-songwriter, legend who died at 29.  Whatever amount of interest his life might have held, this film struggles to find much.  It doesn’t exactly help that Brit Tom Hiddleston, appealing as he is, not only has to try to master a serious Southern drawl, but has to try to sing in the nasal ranges that Williams made work such wonder.  Usually in a music-oriented film, the music can kind of help you along.  Here, it stops the show for the wrong reasons.

The only real positive in the film is Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Hank’s wife Audrey.  She shines quite brightly as Hank’s unsatisfied love, getting the most out of the film and her character.

Hiddleston fills out the rhinestone jacket admirably in physicality, but just can’t capture the tone of believable American South.  Not that the script or direction really helps.

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