Shotgun Stories (2007)

Shotgun Stories (2007) movie poster

director Jeff Nichols
viewed: 08/21/2016

Jeff Nichols is emerging as potentially solid director with his films Take Shelter (2011), Mud (2012), and Midnight Special (2016) (he’s also got another film on the slate for this year, Loving, which has some buzz about it too).  I thought Take Shelter was okay, not as successful as some had said.  I’ve have Midnight Special in my queue.

Shotgun Stories was Nichols’s debut and it’s in his milieu and stars his go to actor Michael Shannon.  It’s an earnest family drama of the rural poor, and with a title like “Shotgun Stories”, much like Chekov’s gun, you know that there is some violence brooding about.

While I’m still open to Nichols and he may still become an important writer/director, I found this effort “not bad” but certainly it didn’t engage me either.  I had similar feelings toward Take Shelter, I guess.  So, I haven’t closed the book on him but I haven’t been very enthralled either.



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