Fido (2006)

Fido (2006) movie poster

director Andrew Currie
viewed: 09/03/2016

Fido is a kinder, gentler zombie comedy.  Less gore (though not gore-free), with a softer spot in its heart than one might expect.

Fido does come from 2006, four years before TV’s The Walking Dead would create a zombie ubiquity in our universe.  Fido also, somewhat significantly, comes from Canada, which may account for aspects of its slightly unusual bent.

Opening on a mock 1950’s-style newsreel that tells the origin of the film’s personal zombie apocalypse, we are brought into this suburban fantasy, the nuclear family, in a world that survived the zombie apocalypse and has ways of neutralizing and enslaving zombies.  Director/co-writer Andrew Currie riffs on this Leave It to Beaver era North American town and the culture of it and below it.

Carrie-Anne Moss is a welcome presence as “the Mom” and Billy Connolly plays “Fido”, the zombie that the family has taken in as a status symbol and eventual family pet.

While it doesn’t begin to achieve greatness, it rarely flags from being affable and likable.

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