Rats: Night of Terror (1984)

Rats: Night of Terror (1984) movie poster

directors Claudio Fragasso, Bruno Mattei
viewed: 09/05/2016

Rats: Night of Terror indeed just about has it all.  Kicking off with an overly complicated intro about nuclear war and the resultant divvying of the planet by survivors, we get introduced to a surface-dwelling biker gang who happen upon the set of Once Upon a Time in America (standing in for a post-apocalyptic town), only to find it inhabited by savage and crafty rats!

If you like your absurdity level high, your near amateur actors inept, and your plot twists weird, you might find this to be one of the most satisfying freaky Italian science fiction horror films rocking the kitsch like nobody’s business.

And if you somehow found yourself on the fence at the end of the film, the final twist and image will clear any sense of doubt leftover.  This is prime trash cinema.

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