White Pongo (1945)

White Pongo (1945) movie poster

director Sam Newfield
viewed: 09/06/2016

White an albino gorilla with craven intelligence is taken for a possible missing link between apes and men, you are dealing with serious eugenic-based racism in the form of an adventure-horror film.  A dude in a gorilla suit has long been a cinematic point of excitement, something whose roots may go back to Edgar Allan Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, who knows maybe even further.

At 71 minutes, almost anything is tolerable, though perhaps in other ways, 71 minutes could challenge the Geneva Convention.

I kind of find these Poverty Row films kind of interesting, though in other ways, they truly reflect their means and lack of overall creativity.  It’s even the same gorilla suit (and actor?) that appeared in The White Gorilla (also 1945).

Probably, as I suggested above, White Pongo is most notable for deeply ingrained racism than anything else.


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