Best in Show (2000)

Best in Show (2000) movie poster

director Christopher Guest
viewed: 09/09/2016

When Christopher Guest made Waiting for Guffman in 1997, it was a welcome return to the mockumentary, a form Guest most notably contributed to in the classic This is Spinal Tap (1984).  Guffman‘s success begot 2000’s Best in Show, and eventually A Mighty Wind (2003) For Your Consideration (2006), and the forthcoming Mascots (2016).

Apparently nobody told Guest that the schtick was wearing thin, even in 2000.

Best in Show still got a lot of positive reaction, but when it came out, I felt like a real documentary might be even funnier than this improv-heavy take on dog owners and their kooky habits and fancy pets vying for awards.  Actually, Best in Show doesn’t even really try that hard to pretend that it’s a documentary, forgoing elements of the illusion in what has come to dominate comedy film and television.  Hand-held cameras, with characters addressing an audience, cut seemingly from on the go real life.

I showed this to my kids because I thought they would find it funny (they did).  But increasingly, I didn’t.  I hate being such a stick in the mud but the only thing I liked this time through was Fred Willard’s annoying commentator and the forgiving love between Eugene Levy’s character and Catherine O’Hara.

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