Blood of the Vampire (1958)

Blood of the Vampire (1958) movie poster

director Henry Cass
viewed: 09/10/2016

Can you call your movie Blood of the Vampire if you don’t actually have a blood-sucker in your film?

Cool title typography, set designs, and matte paintings are the stars of this odd British “vampire” movie.  Most people seem to feel relatively bummed out to realize that the movie’s vampire doesn’t “drink” blood but rather infuses it.  His silly eyebrows reckon of some of Bela Lugosi’s lesser roles, but at the end of the day, he’s a doctor at a prison with a blood disease.

Victor Maddern is a pretty good “Igor” as hunchbacked, mute, and eye-drooping Carl.  A face that could launch a thousand covers of Famous Monsters of Hollywood.

Artistes Alliance may be no Hammer Studios, but they did wrangle writer Jimmy Sangster for this film.  It is interesting perhaps in is difference in production and so forth. Though it’s probably fair to lessen its value for not having a actual vampire.

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