The Grocer’s Son (2007)

The Grocer's Son (2007) movie poster

director Éric Guirado
viewed: 09/12/2016

Recommended to me almost a decade ago by a fracophile friend of mine, The Grocer’s Son sat in my film queue ever since.  Frankly, I hardly knew anything else about it.

Now my son is starting French and struggling with it.  So, I pulled up a couple of French films on Fandor and let him choose one.  Listening to French doesn’t necessarily aid your acquisition intensely, but it certainly doesn’t hurt it.

The Grocer’s Son is a light family dramedy, set in the rural region outside Lyon.  A semi-estranged son returns to his small village after his father suffers a heart attack, and he must help the family’s small grocery business. The business actually involves driving a truck around the rural area, taking the shop to the elderly folks that live there.  Throw in a romantic interest and go.

It’s a sweet film and the setting is gorgeous.  Éric Guirado, who directed it, had mostly done documentaries before this.

Une fine pellicule.

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