The Ghost Galleon (1974)

The Ghost Galleon (1974) movie poster

director Amando de Ossorio
viewed: 10/04/2016

Largely cited as the weakest of the “Blind Dead” film quartet, Amando de Ossorio’s The Ghost Galleon still has some spooks going for it.

It’s true, the main story that manages to get swimsuit models, film producers, and a science professor out on the Mediterranean in a sultry fog is thin and quite ridiculous.  But de Ossorio’s zombie knights templar, once they creep out of their floating tombs, they’re still extremely eerie.

The boat FX are among the worst committed to celluloid, but the set of the ghost galleon with its deathless, hooded skeletal creeps…those guys get me every time.  I don’t know what it is about them that is so effective.  It’s just some deeply inherently cool stuff of nightmares.

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