Tenebrae (1982)

Tenebrae (1982) movie poster

director Dario Argento
viewed: 10/08/2016

In introducing my 15 year old son to Dario Argento and the giallo, we watched the classic, Tenebrae, which I myself had never seen.  But as the body count rose and he started to try to solve the murders, I noted to him that in my experience, gialli narratives tend toward the baroque, convoluted and confusing, and that ultimately the cohesiveness of the logic really often is unimportant.

Maybe this isn’t the greatest advice on the genre, but for now I’m sticking with it.

Marked with Argento’s keen aesthetics and style, Tenebrae is a giallo among gialli.  Bloodier and bit more visually violent than some of its brethren, the mystery dances along the lines of its contemporary slasher films as well.

In reading up on the film, post-viewing, it’s rather remarkable the amount of influence and impact Tenebrae has effected.  And a lot of analysis.  Definitely suggesting a further viewing of the movie.

I’ve a sense that this is a film that is still working its way through my psyche and that further thoughts will come.  Very interesting indeed.

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