Parasite (1982)

Parasite (1982) movie poster

director Charles Band
viewed: 10/09/2016

You kind of have to admire the ambition of Charles Band’s Parasite.  It’s a sci-fi horror film originally released in 3-D and made on a budget of apparently two bucks.

There is a lot of backstory here, a complex post-apocalyptic near future in which the haves control the suburbs and the have-nots live in more deserted regions.  Throw into this the titular Parasite, a genetically engineered creature that eventually gets some moments of cheap but pleasing FX.

It’s cheap and it’s bad, but it’s also kind of enjoyable.  A very young Demi Moore is on display, very pretty and very Eighties.  Though Moore’s appearance is often noted, the film also features The Runnaways’ Cherie Currie in a smaller role.

This was the 2nd film in my suckfest double feature, alongside 1960’s The Leech Woman, and I have to say the night sucked just fine, thank you.

And the poster is pretty awesome.

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