Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

Bride of Re-Animator (1990) movie poster

director Brian Yuzna
viewed: 10/17/2016

Brian Yuzna is no Stuart Gordon and Bride of Re-Animator (1990) is no Re-Animator (1985).  But you know, “so it goes.”

Jeffrey Combs is back as Herbert West at his twitchy, comic best.  And Bruce Abbott returns as the head of Dr. Cain.  And for just having one’s head in a movie, director Brian Yuzna gets a lot out of Abbott.  The film opens with his ominous visage and ends with his head (eventually getting squashed) but flying around with attached bat wings in one of the movie’s best elements.

Really, there’s a lot of let-down here, and some of that may as well be tied to the DVD that squished the picture to full-screen (I know, I’m like the last horror film guy who watches DVDs on an analog television — probably if I keep doing this long enough it will become hip).

Bride of Re-Animator has its moments, though it is a much sloppier, less inspired production on the whole.  I guess my advice here is “Prepare for disappointment, but enjoy what you can” (maybe not a bad life mantra, in general.)

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